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Promote your community and grow your business at no initial costs through our unique Results Marketing referral program.

Reports indicate that 90% of would-be owners have their first contact with a community via the internet. Most real estate developers have realized the vital importance of having and maintaining an online presence as a crucial segment of their marketing strategy, focused on attracting new customers and maintaining relationships with existing clients.

With the surge in popularity of social media many developers have found themselves shifting valuable resources to funding an ever evolving and expanding internet marketing strategy at the expense of other mediums, including direct mail, radio and local and national advertising.

Continually, economic pressures have resulted in diminished marketing budgets, shrinking profit margins, reduced the number of qualified prospects, prompting even greater competition among developers. These factors have drastically taxed the resources for most developers to pursue new customers.

Results Marketing

Greylock Company has addressed the needs of the changing market place by implementing a Results Marketing approach in which we are compensated only when a transaction occurs. While some online websites charge a fee for leads generated, we are compensated only when a closing occurs.

We are offering your organization a way to increase your online presence and attract qualified prospect with no initial investment and very little time. We design your web listing with your content and when a visitor requests information, that inquiry is forwarded to you as a referral.

Naturally, referrals are only valid if they are not already in your database. We have a very simple open ended agreement to be authorized by both organizations, which ensures that both parties understand the commissions structure.

Our Online Presence & Initiatives

In addition to being featured on, your community may also be featured on NorthCarolinaGolfCommunities.Net if offering golf.

By searching most major search engines, including and you will see that Carolina Ocean Living places well in the organic results, generally appearing in the top two or three listings with the search phrase “Coastal North Carolina Retirement Communities” or "Coastal NC Retirement Communities".

In addition to the online presence, we produce and e-mail a community e-newsletter biweekly to approximately 10,000 prospect promoting your community sales events, news, and sales promotions. Also, community news is posted to a blog and syndicated throughout the internet.

Contact us today to discuss any questions about our unique referral program and start generating new prospects. Call us at 800-797-1421or complete the online from below.

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Personal Lifestyle Community Consultant

NC Retirement CommiunitiesIn addition to providing you with information on Coastal North Carolina's top lifesytle communities, Carolina Ocean Living can personally assist you with your community search. Speak with our licensed and experienced real estate broker for guidance with your search. Receive unbiased assessments of neighborhoods, communities and market conditions. Learn more about how we can help with your search at no cost to you.

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