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Choosing A Homesite

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For most families, the cost of the homesite is the primary determining factor when choosing a homesite. The communities featured on Carolina Ocean Living offer a wide range of homesite prices from the $40s to over $1,000,000. The prices are typically determined by several factors, foremost of which include:

Because most families have a budget range in mind for the overall cost of the home, it is important to have an established idea of what you want in a home as it pertains to size and finishes. Once you have an idea of the homes you want you can extrapolate the budget for a homesite.

Size of Home and Homesite

Be sure that the size of your home will fit on the building envelope of the homesite and that the neighborhood where the homesite is located is consistent with other homes in the neighborhood. In an effort to maintain continuity and preserve values in the community many times the developer has established minimum square foot requirements for neighborhoods. If you are interested in a homes that is 4,000 heated square feet, placing that home in a neighborhood with minimum square foot requirements of 1,600 would not be advisable.

Additionally, the style of home will determine the homesite size. A ranch-style home will require a larger building envelope, as the home is primarily on one floor. A home with a second floor will require less space because you can arrive at the total square feet desired within a smaller home footprint.

Finally, don’t overlook the fact that a larger homesite, while providing additional privacy, will be require more yard maintenance. Many families prefer to spend more time at the beach and golfing rather than cutting grass.


Many families overlook the exposure of the home. Exposure is determined by the direction the rear of the home faces. Exposure is a question of personal taste and some prefer the morning sun at the rear of the home, while other prefer a western exposure resulting in late day sun on back porches and kitchen areas.


Some communities are less susceptible to high traffic inconveniences because they may have multiple community entrances, which allows families to enter and leave easily. However, there are areas that abut roads which do generate traffic noise and it is important to take stock of the location of the homesite relative to these roads.

Proximity to Amenities

The location of the homesite relative to the amenities is a consideration that is important to some families that anticipate walking out of their front door and going for a swim or enjoy a work out at the fitness center. Again, understand the location of the homesite relative to the amenities that are most important to you.

Future Area Growth

It is important that you are working with a real estate professional that is competent and educated about the future growth of the area. As the popularity of the coastal Carolinas grows, so will the needs of the population. New roads have been a recent concern for would-be buyers due to the amount of growth and number of road projects. Be sure to ask if their are any future road projects that may affect your ability to enjoy the location of your new home.

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